Welcome to Timeless Tattoos!

Here at Timeless Tattoos you will find that we are not just your usual tattoo studio but a design studio. As well as designing bespoke tattoos for our customers, we also offer piercings, art work, vintage items and much more.

Timeless Tattoos is a tattoo studio based in the friendly market town of Alton in Hampshire.


The bespoke service that we offer at Timeless tattoos is so that YOUR tattoo really will just be YOUR tattoo.  The choice is up to you, we can work closely with you to design your tattoo using combined ideas so that we can design a tattoo that you will be proud of and want to show off to all of your friends and family. Or, if you have you own designs and art work we are more than happy to work with these.

As well as tattoo design we offer many other bespoke items aimed at those who are looking for that something different and unique.

We look forward to working with you!